We designed packaging for various flavors of breakfast spreads by O’Sesame. The packaging design for the spreads is inspired by a healthy lifestyle and is favored to communicate the simple designs that the brand targets. Colors and graphic choices are based on the ingredients and flavors of products and are used in a way to visualize a minimal and contemporary look that stands out on the shelves. Award winner of best package design of APPLIED ARTS ANNUAL COMPETITION. 

Market Research

As a store check, we realized that spaghetti and pasta packages are not interesting enough in terms of their popularity. Pasta and spaghetti have their origin in Italy. So spaghetti packages should not only be attractive but also should be fun and playful to represent Italian people and their energy and happiness.

Existing packages are not resealable. It is always a mess having an opened pack of pasta. When we were studying stores and different categories we decided to design a sustainable package for kids. Kids usually don't eat the whole, therefore the package should be smaller than normal size. 

The only brand that designed pasta for kids was bunnie’s. So, designing pasta and spaghetti packages for children could be a creative and new idea. Based on the research Barilla has the strongest brand block. The image of kinds of pasta on PDP shows the model of the pasta and because it also has an actual reveal, people can see pasta in real with actual size. The color of the package attracts more attention than other packages.

the image on packages creates a unity between different kinds.

Barilla has 30% reveal per package and it is resealable.

Design Brief

Overall Objectives

Bambino company provides a set of different shapes within the category of flavors; that contain individual combinations of white cheddar cheese with Penne Rigate shape, spaghetti with Ketchup, and rotini with cream of mushroom.


Young audience with age range 4-10

Advertising the main message

Proud to create fun and excitement aside from the good introduction of the product that is age-friendly. It is a healthy choice for little ones.


-    Using readable typefaces

-    Creating consistency in brand block

-    Using attractive colors

-    Effective images

-    30% or less reveal

-    Reavel is part of the PDP design

-    Being resealable

-    Suitable size

-    good stacking

-    Nice brand identity

Brand Character 

Cheddar cheese
Cream of mushroom
Real tomato ketchup


Fun, funky exiting as well as informative.