About Us

h.DesignLab is a multi-disciplinary, independently-owned design studio. Our work encompasses graphics and identity, packaging, websites, digital experiences, advertising and communications, typefaces, sound, and motions. Our team members are all practicing designers, whether working collaboratively or independently.

Years of work in the field of design brought us to the realization that great design cannot happen without passion and intelligence. We bring feelings into our design and make them unique and memorable. 

Our Customers

Web Design 

OHNUDA - Toronto, ON


Packaging Design 

Sanotti - Toronto, ON

Mobile Application 

SKEP - Toronto, ON

Web Design 

HenryMayers - Toronto, ON

Catalog and brochure 

Art For Everyday- Toronto, ON

Logo Design / Videography 

My85 - Toronto, ON


PWR inc. - Toronto, ON


KCK Global inc. - Toronto, ON

Logo Design 

Memar Design - Toronto, ON

Magazine Ad Design

Persian Tribune - Toronto, ON

Grants & Awards 

Packaging design 

Applied Arts Annual competition


Exhibitions & Festivals

Toronto fashion show


Parrot and the supermarket man